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Friday 13th -No I'm not superstitious but MWNN has gone orf with the two French boaties who are driving to Lyon today. When the French don't trust their rail system and hire a car to travel over 250 miles, then things are very bad indeed. We may be travelling back to the UK with dogs in order to meet the promise of MWNN's address on Founder's Day for the 400th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth I's death. (The school was founded by Robert, Earl of Leicester, Elizabeth's 'favourite.)

While MWNN is away, I am charged with finding a vet who has the relevant papers from the French Ministry of Ag. to prove to the British Ministry of Ag. that the dogs have been treated against the dreaded French parasites that are not to be allowed cross the the 'Manche'. The treatment must be given no less than 24 hours and no more than 48 hours before setting foot on British soil, and the time and date must appear on the correct forms (headed notepaper from the vet will not do!)So, the nice, English_speaking lady in the Toul Tourist Office has found a vet who says he has just 2 relevant forms left. Well we shall see - watch this space!

If we do go home, we shall return in about 3 weeks, finish our cruise to Strasburg (MWNN says that city to us is like the town where the Ring was to be found in LOTR _ can't remember the name of it for the life of me) We shall then skip our planned return home in August (though I will return for my pre_booked 'recovery R and R in Henlow Grange Health farm; what do you mean "you don't need any R and R, you've just spent 6 weeks cruising the French waterways" - someone hasn't been paying attention to my LJ entries have they?
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