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Remember that e-bay bargain?

It arrived today. Postie left a card and I had to go into town again to pick up the parcel. It was very well wrapped in thick brown paper over a layer of bubble-wrap. The parcel cost £6.98 to post to me. The total bill I paid to the e-bay vendor, including p&p was only £5.98, so he made a loss on the deal.

When the box was opened, there was great disappointment at the contents

Look what Royal Mail did to my Chocolatiere
stuff 028

Only one mug survived the journey, which is less than 30 minutes from the vendor's home town to mine, as the post-van flies. The vendor has offered me a refund, which I've declined. He'll take his complaint, along with the above photo to his post office on Monday.

Doesn't make any difference, I'm still without a Chocolate Pot. Maybe the god of hot chocolate is trying to tell me something?

Happier news. I've booked my ticket for London Acquarium and am really looking forward to the Minimeet on 27th. See you there?

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