hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Received the post

in two installments today.

  • First, a shiny shiny CD from spikereader, for which much thanks and glee, was delivered through the letter box.
  • Second, collected an item bought on e-bay from the sorting office as it needed signing for. (don't you just hate sentences that end with a preposition?) I'd been searching, without much luck for scarf rings to complete some of the knitting projects I'm doing. There are lots of lovely vintage ones on e-bay and I'd quite forgotten that I'd put in an automatic bid for a brooch and ring (£1.20 for the two items). No way did postie ring the bell. He shoved a very battered aged-looking notice through the door and I had to trek into town to collect it.

    There's a niche market just waiting for someone who makes jewellery to start producing scarf rings (and bigger ones for shawls) now that knitting both is so fashionable.

    ETA We had run out of milk, so we popped into Waitrose on the way back from the sorting office. MWNN's favourite cakes just happened to be on special offer - 3 for £1, and I couldn't resist a Strawberry French Fancy for afternoon tea.
    . Haven't had one since I was very very young. It was just as yummy as I remember but oh so sweet.

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