hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Finished this notebook cover

in time for the Anniversary trip to Scotland but didn't have a photo to put up until yesterday.

I didn’t felt this (as per pattern instructions) because I knitted it in cotton for an allergic-to-wool husband, and adjusted the measurements to fit the husband’s notebook by number of stitches and rows.

I also knitted the closing ‘band’ wider, with a garter stitch border to stop it curling, used a button as a fastner, and added a ‘knitted with love’ heart charm (from Athenacrafts ebay shop) to the flap.

I'm fairly chuffed that within minutes of adding it to my project archive on Ravelry , a Mod asked to use my photo with the pattern details.

Tags: daily post, knitting, ravelry

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