hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Today I be mainly

travelling on the motorways of England and remembering why I stopped going to Manchester by car.

Five frickin' hours (despite paying our £4.50 for the M6 Toll Motorway to avoid spaghetti juntion and Birmingham) and the weather was so foul we didn't even glimpse the Pennines in compensation for all the hold-ups that happened for no apparent reason. Loony GSD was wonderful and didn't complain once even though she had only two short 'comfort breaks' in the drizzle. It would probably have been faster on the tandem in my icon.

This bulletin comes from the Travel Lodge, Lancaster, where we are spending the night before crossing the border to the Solway Firth and Dumfries and Galloway tomorrow.

No wi-fi in the Scottish farm cottage, so I'll probably see you all sometime after the 10th.

Tags: daily post, travelling
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