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Baulay to Corre

The last stretch of the Saone before we start the Canal de L'Est. Filled with water and cruised the 20km and 4 locks in hot sun. I had a left-side migrane (unusual for me but now I understand why I saw two red stop lights on the last lock gate and cracked my head on the canopy support pole yesterday.) Spent the greater part of the day 'down below' in the shade, with lots of tea and disprin, emerging only for the 4 locks. The first was reasonably easy but the remaining 3 were deep and fierce, needing ropes fore and aft and gloves to protect against rope burns; the boat pole was essential for MWNN to haul up the front and stern rope from the lock-side, having climbed the rickety, rusty ladder. Hanging on to the stern rope and managing a bucking tiller isn't easy, even without a migraine.

Arrived at the town lock in Corre just as the thunderstorm broke for the first time. The mooring at Corre is right opposite the supermarche and, more importantly, the Capitainerie has a washer/drying machine. After a meal of farm lamb cutlets (the farm is less than 50m from the boat); - herbed porc chipolatas for MWNN, and free range eggs (all produced organically and without the use of antibiotics or 'tranquilisers') we walked the dogs when the second hailstorm had passed, leaving the evening cool and fresh.
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