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Scey sur Soaone to Baulay

Off early, in search of diesel and a boathook (some sod has nicked ours, probably in Gray;) it's an essential piece of boat equipment, especially in unmanned locks (for rope work) and threading mooring lines through floating bollards. Ours was a lightweight aluminium extendable pole; (the wooden ones look pretty but are murder to carry up lock ladders or hoist ropes up to rope handlers waiting above on the lock-side.) We don't know if we will be able to replace it here in France, may have to order from England and have one shipped over. - oh for internet access on the move!

Bought the gaffe at Port sur Saone marina; - it's not collapsible which makes carrying it up lock ladders or using from the front cratch very difficult, but still, we have a working alumunium boat hook that has already saved our lives going through the last, very deep locks on the Saone.

Moored overnight at a little pontoon with a free water tap that works (the first in a long time that we haven't been charged exorbitant amounts to use.) Mini-rant warning; I find it unforgivable that more and more French communes are charging for water; it's a basic need! When I find a water tap that has had its supply disconnected or a meter requiring 'jettons' installed, my blood boils. One of the things about living abroad on a boat, you get very close to your basic needs; each day the need to replenish water, food, fuel, is never far from your mind; then there is the need to dispose of sewage - pump-through toilets are not allowed any more in France (as in England); holding tanks or porta potties most be emptied at sanitary stations; where are they? - good question; in 4 years' cruising, we've seen ONE, and that didn't work! So, yes, basic needs; not very well catered for at times. - hmm - end of rant.

At Baulay, a huge sea-going boat pulled in ahead of use and we spent the evening in the company of the first Englishman we've met since St Jean de Losne. Robbie is a falconer (first time I've met one of those, too) on his way from Spain to Switzerland, with his second wife, Renata. I taught Robbie to use the only 3 guitar chords he knows, to play "Danny Boy". Didn't get to bed until after midnight!
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