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Wild morring outside Soing to Scey sur Soane

Another cold, drizzly and very windy day. Pulled in to the restaurant 'deux ports' at Scey's Locaboat marina and had a very good late lunch. MWNN had a half bottle of the local vin de pays (a pinot noire with the taste of burnt rubber so beloved of the burgandy fans.)

Had a lovely conversation with a vielle madame who lived in an ancient maison with a Rapuzel tower. She had planted the base of the tower with a border of blue shrubs, geraniums and another wonderfully feathery flower whose name I couldn't remember. She told me it was called 'bluet' (sounded like that but seems a tad antipodean to me - I thought it was a Californian something or other; anyway, she gave me a seed pod to plant 'en Angleterre'.) Looked up 'bluet' = cornflower.
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