hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Meadow outside Seveux to Ray sur Saone.

Brief cruise through intermittent rain, through one lock and a short tunnel (nothing compared to the unlit, wanderings of English tunnels of over a mile.)

For the ornithologists out there; birds knowingly encountered so far;-
Cuckoo, swallow, swift, housemartin, sandmartin, wagtail, robin, blackbird, mallard, grebe, swan, grey heron, night heron, little egret, pigeon, red kite, black kite, various finges, mother + 2 baby kingfishers, shag (yes it really is called a shag! - or was it a cormorant? difficult to tell the difference at a distance.)

Mored 'wild' again as the village pontoons were unsuitable and we were aground on rock in no time at all; - pity, the village looked pretty and had a fine chateau.
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