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Gray to a meadow near Seveux

Left Gray at 2pm after a Meteo forecast from irishnoodles forecasting rain for tomorrow (thanks for the lookup N.) Bernard, Gray's expert lockeeper, put us through with no fuss and we cruised through hazy sunshine along this stunningly beautiful river. It is slow and wide, with banks deeply wooded andteeming with flaura and fauna.

We mored just short of Seveux beside a wonderful meadow full of wildflowers. Set up the chairs, chilled Chotes de Rhone Rose and nibbles, ignored the rain which soon disappeared, but were driven indoors by a sudden gale heralding a chandge in the weather as the barometer falls once again. Think our attempted cruise to Strasburg is doomed to failure; each year the weather has beaten us off and forced us south. Dinner of some good pork, potatoes, petit pois, washed down with more of the wine and Roquefort for MWNN. Used the big table in the front of the cabin, set with new glassware and little blue vase displaying the rose presented to all female shoppers at le supermarche for Fete des Mamans, tomorrow. (how do they know if you're a Maman or not?)
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