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Pontailler sur Saone to Gray

At 8.40pm last night, the sapeur-pompier’s siren sounded just as we passed the Maison de Secours. I sprinted back to the boat to get the camera and was passed by the first ‘retained fireman arriving at 8.41. By the time I got back at 8.43, the little van was out of the station with blue lights twirling. The driver gave me a cheery wave as I took the first photo. Very impressive turnout for the "shout".

Earlyish start to the 32k and 2 lock cruise to Gray (10am take-off). The hot day promised by the stationer in Auxonne has not materialised and we are cruising in constant drizzle and only 15 degrees C. Lunch will be ‘in shifts’ again on the move. Thank goodness I followed my instincts and pot-roasted a chicken last night for dinner (with a rather good Visan from Cotes de Rhone Villages.) There is soup and chicken sangers for luch (but, alas, no banette - the banette baker is closed today, so an ordinary baguette will have to suffice.)

MWNN has decreed that the taboule I served with his chicken lunch (we stopped at 2.45, eventually, after the second lock) is the best batch so far this season. I found this recipe in the in-house "esprit" magasine, from "Shoppi".

100 g de couscous, 3 cuilleres a soupe d’houille d’olive, jus d’un citron, 2 ognions blancs, 2 bottes de persil, ½ boite de menthe, 3 tomates (I added ½ poivre rouge)
Preparation: cuisez le couscous dans un peau d’eau chaud. Ajouter l’huile d’olive, le juice du citron, les ognions blancs finement eminces, le persil cicele, la menthe ciselee et 3 belles tomates (et poivre rouge) cotelees cupees en des.

After a brief pause for lunch, we motored on to Gray for a 2 night stop, search for dog food, diesel, and internet access.
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