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Auxonne to Pontailler sur Soane

Auxonne is a lovely town. Lots of old buildings. The First Burgundian regiment (where Napoleon was trained) is evident all over town; from the Americanised bars serving fast food and showing footie on large TV screens, to the damage to many shop fronts and extra security grills on ground floor windows (obvious rivalry between the cadets and the Lycee students?) The Lycee boasts a brand new annexe and a sympathetic conversion of cloister space of the old armoury into a new science and technology block.

Picked up a banette fruite today; the first time I’ve ever managed to find one, though I’ve read about them in the banette leaflets. It’s a brioche with apricots, raisins and nuts - just right for afternoon tea. I’ve promised MWNN some for brekkie tomorrow as that’s the meal at which it’s meant to be eaten . It’s described as a breakfast "feast". (meallanmouse the smell is scrumptious, like a warm kitchen when a fruit cake is just baked and still warm!)
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