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Verdun les Doubs to St Jean de Losne

Today is the feast of St Honore, patron saint of bakers. Last night, we wer passing the Maison de ble et du pain (the museum) when we saw the huge wood burning over being prepared for the overnight bake in honour of the feast. Despite the fact that we had the dogs in tow, we were invited in for a closer look. It was one of those which never fails to charm; a warm welcome, a glass of wine, interesting conversation and a shared delight in the basics of life. I was even shown the "secret recipe" for the bread that was to be baked early this morning. The surpise ingredient? No sugar! I was sorry that I didn't have my camera so, when I returned in this morning to buy the bread, I took it along; - just in case. Sure enough, the large, dour, French baker who was so obviously 'le chef' and who had shared his recipe wiht a fellow bread-making enthusiast, was still there in action, and allowed me to take a few pics.

Tomorrow there is another strike threatened so we motored on to St Jean de Losne in order to be through the locks and in the Marina to use the laundry facilities and the one machine providing internet access, in time for the Wildfeed of BtVS.

Edited to add; damn, the office won't be open until Tuesday, will have to work on MWNN to persuade a later take-off time. (plans a wonderful evening dinner of Charollet sirloin, with a superb Cotes de Rhone Villages from Cairanne and a fabulous Roqueforte.
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