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Turnus to Chalons sur Soane

The Meteo was 'spot-on' for today; full sun; (almost a week of hot weather and the hair is bleached already) had to lowever the aft canopy flaps to protect MWNN's sensitive Irish skin.

Speaking of MWNN; did a rapid calculation of his life insurance payout as he made a rare boating error today, entering the first lock of the season. With me 'up front', some 45 ft away from all boat controls, he suddenly decided to climb the lock ladder, carrying the centre rope. As the rope ran out and the forward motion of the boat threatened to haul him off the ladder and into the lock, he finally let go the rope. Cursing the eejit who'd left an unmanned tiller and 13 tons of narrowboat hurtling towards the front gates, I sprinted through the boat to the back deck, slammed the engine into reverse (the brakes!), climbed onto the roof (freshly polished by MWNN while calculating my insurance payout), threw the centre rope back to MWNN and skidded back to the tiller. We were still not secured on the bollard before the wall of water poured into the lock as the slackers opened. Some manuevring of engine and tiller prevented the loss of boat with all hands. (and paws.) Oh the joys of boating!
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