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Progress Report –

Chicken is defrosting nicely in the fridge.
The apple crumble is prepared, after a bitter battle with the food processor which initially refused to co-operate. (wonder should I serve custard (crème anglais) or fresh cream with the crumble?) Definitely custard. The French know nothing about making classic English puddings – they serve crumble COLD for god’s sake. And don’t get me started on their soggy pastry in what they laughingly call ‘porc en crout’ in their pathetic excuse for a good Melton Mowbray pie.
Fresh bread is just coming to fruition in the bread machine (Thank you Panasonic)
The French hotels have yet to be consistent in the prices they quote for our stay in Paris.

Why are we going to Paris I hear you ask if I am so vehemently against their cooking? Well – only their attempts at things which the English do better. There’s no doubt their bread is superior (if you can find a good baker who does the banettes) and then there is the wine (cheaper) and beer (cheaper) and cider (all round better) and the lifestyle . They certainly have their priorities sorted out. 2 hours for lunch, no Sunday trading (except in larger towns and cities) more public holidays and the work/life balance is definitely right.

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