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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Pont de Vaux to Tournus 
22nd-May-2003 09:03 pm
knitting sketch
Out onto the Soane from the Pont-de-Vaux canal lock, in brilliant sunshine. The Captain put us through as the power to the automatic system had failed.

Spotted two swans "dancing" as we came out onto the river (wonder why they don't get sick from all that twirling?) Also saw the "headbangers" - small silver fish whose skip across the surface of the water is ended when they collide with the hull; perhaps fearsclave could tell me what they are?

It's great to be back on a river again; to feel the living water beneath the boat, even if we do 'rock 'n' roll' somewhat when a big barge or hotel boat passes.

There's a full moon over Tournus, adding to the charm of this beautiful town. It's a shame that it seems as though the Brits have discovered itl the estate agents descriptions are now also in English and describe so many properties in terms of 'staggering distance' to the nearest vineyard!
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