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Still here. All that cutting of wood gave me a nasty in the old lung region so am taking things easy today.
Have read two books since arriving in France| -
*The Wee Free Men - Terry Pratchett - another children's book set in Discworld; if you enjoyed Maurice, read this; it introduces Tiffany, she of 'first sight and second thoughts'.
* Coastliners - Joanne Harris (she of Chocolat fame)- set in France again, excellent observation of the French and French rural, village life, except for the ending which just about spoiled everything and negated much of what she'd carefully constructed with some of the characters.

Definitely heading off tomorrow. Car is washed and stowed in garage. Weather has turned colder and the wind is up but the forecast for tomorrow and the weekend is for sun and good temperatures. Saw my first herons yesterday, heard the first cuckoo (get out the shotgun, it won't stop cuckooing!)

A bientot.
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