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Nous sommes ici Hopefully, will head off towards Alsace via water on 10th or 11th. (today is the only day the bureau is open for business so no more updates from here)

Stayed 2 days on the journey over from the UK, in the Loire, with LJ, the artist to the book. Met her lovely horse, mad shetland pony, and beautiful lurcher Rosie (killer terrier is in lurve again)She really is one brave lady. She closed her company in the UK, sold the house in Yorkshire, bought one in La Nocle and shipped everything over herself so that she can devote herself to her painting and horses.

Our Ozzie friends L ans J are with us, recovering from the horrors of a month in hurricane force winds on the canal du midi. They are definitely having their boat brought here for the winter!

With their help, we drove north in the trusty Astra estate and tracked the narrowboat Albert and her delightful crew S and J down in the wilderness of the river Seille last night. Spent a few hours catching up on all the news of fellow waterways folk and had the best pizza ever on the way back to Levant. Planning a trip to Cluny later today, after the Wednesday market shop for lunch.

Life is as good as your travelling companions!
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