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Met with the lovely Ozzie onetwomany and fellow Brit paratti for afternoon tea at The Selfridges Hotel. We all threw caution to the wind and tucked into the smoked salmon, egg, chicken, tomato and traditional cucumber sarnies and then fell upon the fruit scones with Cornish clotted cream and strawberry jam. I called it quits (not having hollow legs like the other two) and watched in awe as they demolished the cake and scrumie-looking lemon meringue pie. Then it was back to the Cumberland to dry off after being caught in a sudden downpour on the Edgeware Road. Back out again to The Masons pub, where onetwomany proclaimed the draft ale very good. Time flew by and it wasn't until I was buying my round that I noticed I had only 30 mins to get to Kings Cross for my train home.

It was really great to meet you both. onetwomany - enjoy the remainder of your English trip. I hope the weather is good enough for that boat ride to Hampton Court and/or a visit to the Globe. (I think they're kicking the season off with Richard II)

All future posts on my LJ will be read-only but those of you who have access to my e-mail address can still mail me - just no attachments please.

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