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Tai Chi Retreat - August 23rd - 27th

Anyone in the UK interested in attending a 5 day Tai Chi Retreat in August, leave your email address in a comment and I'll send you the details and a form. All comments will be screened.

It will be held at All Saints Pastoral Centre (near St Albans) from 23rd - 27th of August.

The cost for the 5 days is £344 - all-inclusive (full board in single rooms, all tuition and meals) but there is the opportunity to attend for only part of the long weekend. Tuition includes the Chen Man Ching Short Form (hands) - it is possible to learn enough of this during the weekend to be useful as daily practice, Sword Form (you can borrow one), Meditation, Chi Kung for health.

bendy1 I have details of the Discworld Scout Jamboree if you think the Boychild would be interested in acting as your chaperone. Is he a collector of stamps? I have a first edition Ank Morpork I could send to him - cutting me own throat at a price of £0.00
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