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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
He came sooooooo close 
26th-Apr-2003 04:30 pm
knitting sketch
So, went into the local music shop to buy spare strings for new guitar. (old guitar is in sulk mode due to lack of attention)Child assistant couldn't find a strap peg which is required for new baby and didn't know the difference between normal and hard tension strings. Bought some song books to replace lost ones 'cos I haven't the time to work out all the chord sequences all over again and then he did it. He'd been fingering my guitar while listening to the reasoning behind its purchase. When I told him it was for use on the boat during this cruise, he said ah well, if it turns out to be no good, you can always smash it up at the end of the season. Who does he think I am, Pete Townsend? The boy was treated to my best hard Paddington stare, denied the cash I was going to give him in payment (used my credit card instead) and I didn't bother buying the capo from him at all.

Came home, MWNN made a new peg for the strap (he's quite handy really, despite all appearances to the contrary) and guitar is now all packed and ready to go.
26th-Apr-2003 09:17 am (UTC) - Cheeky little devil
That boy in the shop was a cheeky little devil. I would avoid going in there. MWNM surprises me more and more, he is turning into a real "all-round-man" not bad.
26th-Apr-2003 09:21 am (UTC) - Re: Cheeky little devil
He thought he was being amusing and cool at the same time, methinks. His boss is a really nice guy who had nothing but praise for the old guitar and re-seated her neck when I took her in for an overhaul last year. (He wouldn't let me look at replacement guitars because he said she had such a lovely tone.)
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