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More loveliness

Oh my, what a wonderful ending to a good week. Following the glorious surprise that was my new guitar, yesterday *pets strings gently*, I had proper post this morning. Two snails arrived from meallanmouse; a Number 5 and a Beatles' Special. A little bit like English buses, the two arrived together. Both are now parked on my special Big Board. (It's nothing like Andrew's on BtVS)

Despite the fact that I will be meeting all my cruising friends from around the world, I am going to miss all my LJ frends terribly while I'm away. But, hope still springs eternal that I will have e-mail facility via the laptop. It will be through a data card that acts as mobile phone and modem. We will be charged for the amount of data received and sent so, if you mail me while I'm away, no file attachments please. I won't be able to update the LJ, though, so if you would like 'postcards from abroad' while I'm away, and we haven't already exchanged snail addresses, e-mail yours to me and I'll add you to the list. I would really would have liked to have kept a log of the cruise and posted it weekly as it happens.

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