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Haven't felt this good since . . .

What can I say?
I'm speechless.
MWNN surpassed even his facility for showing how much he thinks of me today. I've been wavering about taking the guitar to the boat because

*boats are dangerous places for fragile items*
*damp, humid conditions do not do its little lungs any good whatsoever*
*travelling in a car chock to the roof with luggage, dogs and travelling accessories would put it at risk*
*it's too darn big to store on a narrowboat*

Went shopping today and, having passed up a pair of lovely Ecco shoes because the soles would be lethal on wet steel, we passed the British Heart Foundation's Charity Shop. There, in the window, was a sweet classical guitar. What did HE do - that lovely, mad, impulsive Irishman bought it for me. She's so sweet, a really lovely warm tone and she came with a carrying case that will protect against the damp.
Oh yeah, and my PC is now back permanently. - but still having software issues *glares at PC*
*hugs guitar tight*
willowfae I'll ask Catsyj to send the next episodes directly to you so that you can watch them and then post them on to me for August. So mail me your snail address will ya?

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