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Going to miss the final 5 episodes

Going to miss the final 5 episodesso am going to have to be satisfied with a mini celebration that Angel has been renewed and JM looks all set to appear in LA.

To all the English readers out there - Happy St George's Day.

On to other matters
*The count-down to the French cruise begins!*

*Only 8 days to go.*
Waaaa the stitching isn't finished yet!

*Books all packed.*
Resisted temptation to read the Chrimble Pressies by hiding them away. - Good thing I wrote where they were on the calendar. Had a marathon shop in David's Bookshop's Second Hand shelves and found some unread Trolloppe and Gaskell.

*Selection of CDs begins.*
Why do I bother? MWNN hates my CDs. Have to wait 'til he's back in UK (or asleep in the sun somewhere)to listen to them on the boat. Oh, tell a lie - he like Queen.

*Must remember to pack the hard hat.*
I'm hoping for a session with Lesley's horses when we visit her on the way down to the boat. now if I could only remember where I put my riding boots.

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