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Good day today. Had lunch with willowfae. We talked well into the afternoon, about BtVS, Tony Head, James Marsters, embroidery, Open University Courses - all the things we have in common really. Willowfae (big Giles fan) tried desperately to cure me of my Spike adiction but I turned her into into a spoiler whore instead and loaned her my CDs of LMPTM and DG. - She needs to be brought up to speed, anyway, as she will babysit my AE's LJ while I'm away - that's if the final episode allows for the possibility of any of my pre-prepared posts for it. Out of the pub and, deciding to give the Garden City a miss, on into Hitchin for a spot of shopping in the market. (It being Tuesday and Market Day)

Had a quick look at the site of the Saxon dig and discovered that it is long gone. There is a block of flats there now. The only evidence of the Saxon site is the plaque on the wall. Saxon Court is the name of the flats. There is evidence that the site may have been a Saxon Royal residence.

It's coming up to dinner time, so off to cook the salmon and pasta.

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