hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Why oh why oh why

did I bother to upgrade my Kaspersky Version 4 to Version 6? Even with the OU 20% discount, the damn thing's cost me £22 and it won't run on the laptop. Clarification - it will run but nothing else will. I un-intsalled Version 4, as per instructions, installed Version 6, rebooted, and - Windows Blue Screen Of Doom. I've looked at the help forums and this is a well documented 'bug'. (Why didn't the OU techie warn me? Maybe his "The OU will not be supporting Kaspersy Version 6" should have been enough to alert me - but it wasn't.) Even experienced network managers seem to be avoiding version 6 like the plague and browsing the 'help' is no help. I don't speak geek that fluently.

So my laptop was out of action all day yesterday as I took all sorts of action to persuade it to boot up with Version 6 installed. No go. It will only play in Safe Mode and that's sod all use for when we're on the boat and it's our only method of sending and receiving email. So I found a back door through safe mode to a system restore point prior to un-installing Version 4 and will run it until the key expires sometime in March/April. After that, I may resort to AVG, the freebie I used on the old PC. Unless someone reading this knows a simple way of installing and running Version 6 with Windows XP SP2.

On to happier news

spikereader - your parcel arrived yesterday. Thank you so much for your generosity. I really hope you will be able to join us at dinner on the Saturday evening.

MWNN returned from France - bearing gifts; a beautiful, tiny wooden box inlaid with amber; two packs of 3 'mini' vintage champagne bottles (2 glasses in each bottle); three Buffy DVD 'specials' - Angel, Willow, and Faith in French (dubbed unfortunately, I hope the original soundtrack's available.) He's happily camped in front of the new flat screen TV watching the rugby; now I understand why he wanted the 32" screen.
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