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same as it ever was
Why oh why oh why 
3rd-Feb-2007 04:08 pm
knitting sketch
did I bother to upgrade my Kaspersky Version 4 to Version 6? Even with the OU 20% discount, the damn thing's cost me £22 and it won't run on the laptop. Clarification - it will run but nothing else will. I un-intsalled Version 4, as per instructions, installed Version 6, rebooted, and - Windows Blue Screen Of Doom. I've looked at the help forums and this is a well documented 'bug'. (Why didn't the OU techie warn me? Maybe his "The OU will not be supporting Kaspersy Version 6" should have been enough to alert me - but it wasn't.) Even experienced network managers seem to be avoiding version 6 like the plague and browsing the 'help' is no help. I don't speak geek that fluently.

So my laptop was out of action all day yesterday as I took all sorts of action to persuade it to boot up with Version 6 installed. No go. It will only play in Safe Mode and that's sod all use for when we're on the boat and it's our only method of sending and receiving email. So I found a back door through safe mode to a system restore point prior to un-installing Version 4 and will run it until the key expires sometime in March/April. After that, I may resort to AVG, the freebie I used on the old PC. Unless someone reading this knows a simple way of installing and running Version 6 with Windows XP SP2.

On to happier news

spikereader - your parcel arrived yesterday. Thank you so much for your generosity. I really hope you will be able to join us at dinner on the Saturday evening.

MWNN returned from France - bearing gifts; a beautiful, tiny wooden box inlaid with amber; two packs of 3 'mini' vintage champagne bottles (2 glasses in each bottle); three Buffy DVD 'specials' - Angel, Willow, and Faith in French (dubbed unfortunately, I hope the original soundtrack's available.) He's happily camped in front of the new flat screen TV watching the rugby; now I understand why he wanted the 32" screen.
3rd-Feb-2007 04:55 pm (UTC)
We're having problems installing a hard disk/XP/anything else, I feel your pain
3rd-Feb-2007 05:47 pm (UTC)
This is all the fault of your Wi-Fi router? Didn't it come with a telephone help line?
3rd-Feb-2007 06:07 pm (UTC)
No, it's the fault of a very small hard-drive!
3rd-Feb-2007 05:19 pm (UTC)
I've never paid for anti-virus software ever and never had any problems running AVG Antivirus which so far has caught everything it's had thrown at it. It's free and very simple to use, extremely reliable and up to date. We've been using it for years and it has caught more than Norton and McAfee that a couple of friends have.

If you want to check it out go here: http://downloads-free.org/antivirus/?gclid=CMbl6IfakooCFTYNQgodrQ5_mg

We also use a free firewall - Zonealarm which stops everything too. http://www.zonelabs.com/store/content/company/products/znalm/freeDownload.jsp

Well worth it.
3rd-Feb-2007 05:46 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the links. I used AVG on the old PC and I was very happy with it. But I did like the old version of Kaspersky that I got with the first online course I took with the OU back in 1999.

I hate it when software upgrades do this. I want a refund but doubt I'll get one from the vendor. I'm steering clear of Windows Vista even though the new PC came 'enabled', XP gives me enough problems.

We also use a free firewall.
Don't I get one of those in XP?

3rd-Feb-2007 05:50 pm (UTC)
We also use a free firewall.
Don't I get one of those in XP?

Yes you do, but Zonealarm is easier to program and allows you to make decisions when it's telling you it's blocking something. During the time I've had it Zonealarm has blocked over 20 people trying to hack into my computer - and it's also reported that to me. I feel a little more confident about a firewall if I know it's actually doing something (whereas Windows firewall sits there and doesn't tell me anything!) *g*
(Deleted comment)
11th-Feb-2007 08:57 pm (UTC)
I'm still not seeing them. And I only just received notification of your comment - hence the delay in responding. Something is rotten in the State of LJ methinks.
5th-Feb-2007 10:29 am (UTC)
I'm glad the cards arrived safely.

I know nothing about Kaspersky, I use AVG free on both PC and laptop (once the free Dell Mcafee expired). It really annoys me when upgrades which are supposed to make things better make them much worse. I'm steering clear of IE7 at the moment, and won't be going near Vista until we have to (ie need a new computer).
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