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writerconuk is now open for bookings via the website for MidiMeet 2007.

MWNN heads off for France tomorrow to stock up on booze, fags and dog meds check that all is well with the boat. But first he must visit the dentist to check the temporary filling he had done on a broken tooth. So I have made a vat of veggie soup in case he is unable to eat a solid lunch before driving to Le Chunnel.

We decided I wouldn't join him on this trip as neither of us wants to leave Loony GSD alone in kennels. I'll be on dog-sitting duty until Saturday, which probably means I'll indulge in a lot of DVD watching and some writing devote my time to housework.

Off to wave a sword around in a mo'. The class is going really well even though I have to push myself to leave the comfy house to attend it and I had news recently that the Summer Tai chi Retreat is definitely going ahead in August.

Life is good.
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