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Had a really good weekend relaxing and slobbing about while MWNN made with the frantic Spring Clean again. Had a wonderful Easter meal yesterday. Cooked some Welsh Lamb and roasted the veg underneath it on a bed of rosemary freshly cut from the bush. The tour-de-force was a great mint sauce, courtesy of Fox's Spices Discovered them at the Good Food Show in February when I bought some French tarragon from them. It was so good, I ordered more goodies on-line. One of their little packages contained a mix for making mint sauce (just add boiling water and soak for 10 minutes)I will never by a jar of mass produced stuff ever again.

Meeting willowfae for lunch tomorrow. Then we may go on to look at the museum in Letchworth (the world's first garden city) as they are celebrating their centenary this year.

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