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We survived the recent storm with no visible damage other than a few tiles missing from the neighbour's roof. MWNN took the opportunity afforded by checking the maintenance needs of the house and set to replace the back door lock with a mortice dead lock. During the three days it took to excavate a big enough hole for the new mechanism, he 'accidentally' watched a scene from AtS - the one in which Wesley and Gunn build the cage to contain Angelus.

MWNN That's your programme. The one with the people with trees growing out of their heads.
Hesadevil No. That's Star Trek. This is Angel.
MWNN The Spike programme.
Hesadevil ::Sigh:: Sometimes.
MWNN Those blokes are really handy. I thought I was watching a DIY programme - they built that thing out of sturdy bars in no time at all. Is that what they do?

He has a point. Who knew vampires were fully qualified miners and welders? That Watchers could operate heavy machinery while piloting a fishing boat? That quantum physicists could wield a flame thrower as a weapon? And where do they get the resources from? Or the money to finance all these the civil engineering projects?

One day I'll post that entry on the use of names in the Buffyverse - really, I will. When I've battled my way through the final chapters of the WIP.

In the meantime, go check out the provisional MidiMeet 2007 progamme. It's coming together well and we're almost ready to go live with on line bookings for membership.
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