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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
It was a dark and stormy night 
11th-Jan-2007 03:34 pm
on being human
last night and hasn't let up at all today. Poor Loony GSD was upset by fireworks in the early part of the evening and was twitchy throughout the night. I left all the doors open and she slept on the landing outside my bedroom, barking on and off at the 'wind monsters' that were blowing stuff all around the garden. So not much sleep was had Chez Hesadevil and I have to be bright-eyed for the drive to the airport this evening.

On top of that

  • the cold tap in the kitchen is refusing to give any water. The emergency plumber 'fixed it' on New Year's Day and it's gradually slowed down from the usual mains pressure, to a trickle, to nothing.
  • The microwave 'died' in the middle of cooking a batch of vegetable soup yesterday and I had to finish it off the old fashioned way - on the hob.
  • The back door refuses to open because the handle mechanism is buggered.
Looking on the brighter side of life -

  • MWNN flies home today from the Land of Conspiracy and Vengeance that is Dublin these days.
  • There's a freshly baked spelt loaf cooling on the bread rack,
  • home-made vegetable soup in containers in the refrigerator,
  • a lamb cassolet slow-cooking in the oven,
  • Loony GSD is dozing in front of a blazing lag fire, with her head on the hearth. 

    ETA I also received two wonderful cards this morning from calove's offspring, one of which included a brilliant badge made from one of my icons, the cold tap in the scullery still works and the microwave just needed a new fuse.

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    12th-Jan-2007 11:36 am (UTC)
    Huh! How did I manage to miss this?

    Very glad to hear the cards arrived, as will the offspring be. The badgemaker is very neat, isn't it? Even F manages to produce a fairly professional finish.

    Hope MWNN didn't suffer too much in the badlands.
    12th-Jan-2007 11:51 am (UTC)
    I loved the image you she chose for the badge. The badgemaker may come in useful for the writerconuk Midi-Meet in August (weekend of the 10th-12th - keep an eye on the community for details)

    Hope MWNN didn't suffer too much in the badlands.
    Least said about that the better - the short version is he comes back greyer after every visit.
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