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The TV arrived

this morning, just as MWNN sat down to breakfast before we headed for the airport. So much for Parcelforce's 24 hour delivery service - it took 3 working days to get here and has cost the supplier a piss poor rating for delivery on the feedback form.

Ye gads but it's big ... and flat ..... and shiny - and the handbook weighs almost as much as the TV itself. It's taken me 4 or so hours to plough through to get it all set up and connected and it seems to be running OK, although the colour keeps doing the visual equivalent of the doplar effect , and the sound is in mono, when it's tuned to the cable box . The hi fi speakers work really well now that I've re-wired them and the old PC is connected and the photo display is magnificent. I suspect it's going to need tweaking to get all the settings optimised.


In other news, The Shadows and Dust Awards judges gave me this pretty yesterday, 


congratulations too, to

Nominations are now open for round 15 - go forth (or possibly fifth) and nominate.



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