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Parcelforce has eaten the new TV

Info from the tracking number

Status: In progress

Parcel tracks

DateTimeLocationTracking Event
06-01-200706:38 Welwyn Garden City Depot Out for delivery
06-01-200705:38Welwyn Garden City Depot Arrived at delivery depot

It's a 30 minute journey from Welwyn (on a bad day) so where the friggin hell is it?

On another note, I am pruning my bookshelves of those books I know, deep down, that I'll never re-read. I'm cataloguing them so that MWNN will have a list to refer to before he buys me any books. I'm keeping all the classics I've bought over the decades and the list will  also be useful for me when I come across any of Anthony Trollope's works - he wrote around 47 novels and I'm never sure which I have as some of them are on the boat waiting to be read. 

Anyone want the complete collection of JK Rowling or the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen Donaldson before they hit the local charity shop?

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