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It's Groundhog Day - oh no it's not,

it's Twelfth Night.

Hesadevil: (getting into the Panto mood) Oh no it's not - ::checks radio controlled barometer/clock thingy:: - oh yes it is - it's Twelfth Night!

MWNN: Again? I think not, Finknoffle, we celebrated it last night.

Hesadevil: Yesterday was the 4th - it's Twelfth Night tonight.

MWNN: Thank goodness for that. The decorations should all have been down by midnight and I found that stray star lurking behind the elephants this morning.

Hesadevil: Elephants? Ye gads, hand me the rifle, Jeeves.

MWNN: Rifle? I thought you said pack for a picnic. ::holds out the trifle::

Hesadevil: Good thinking - we can celebrate the arrival of the new TV with that. The chocolate box is almost empty and the champagne....

MWNN: Is chilling in the refrigerator, ol' chap.

The TV delivery man is late damnit - we waited in all day (delivery between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm) and the dog hasn't been walked yet. MWNN has dismantled the hi-fi system and left the 26 year-old TV out for dumping but where is its replacement?

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