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Technology is wonderful . . until . .

Another gloriously sunny day. Another long walk with MWNN and dogs, talking, as usual, ranging over many serious and not-so-serious topics. Lots of birdsong as musical accompaniment.

Had a good lunch, MWNN shopped on-line at Sainsbury's to save us schlepping 'round one day next week,
Stitched through the afternoon - got a lot more done.
So why am I in this mood?
Spotted, last night, that the Beeb has, in it's wisdom, delayed the last 4 episodes of BtVS, Season 6 until May 8th, to make way for the snooker. (I mean, Snooker for goodness sake) Just so happens, that I was sent Seeing Red on CD (having missed it last year on Sky) so, popped it into the DVD drive, settled down with frozen yogurt lolly and popcorn and Waaaaa my DVD drive died. Gave me one of those messages that make me really worried. (Do you think it was Alan Clarke's voice that did it?) Tried everything. Ran the virus scan just to make sure - nope - not that. Did a system check - this device is working normally. Yeah - right - it's normal for the PC to freeze as the drawer takes in the disc and then spits it out again. Tried mouth-to-mouth resuscitation - zilch.

Phone the daughter this morning. remove it and re-install was the advice. Still nothing. PC Repair man? Can't do anything today. So, listening on the portable CD player and hoping it's not going to need a transplant. (Or perhaps that's my chance to upgrade to a Read/Writer? - a girl can hope.)

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