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1. One day, a well-known professor gives you an invite, to come in
and speak to a large group of high school students about your
hometown. You arrive, all set to go, only to find out that the
specific topic they were going to talk about has already been
addressed. "What should I say?" you ask the administrator. "Oh,
well, anything you like!" they answer. "Something interesting they
could use." What do you talk about? Assume any time limit is okay.

My home-town - where I was born and raised to the age of 18, is Manchester, England. I'm actually quite bitter about what has happened to that city in the last 10-20 years and so would concentrate on the vibrant music scene, theatre, and art that have always played a part in the life of the city. - oh and not forgetting Manchester United, of course. I could always talk footie with the students for hours.

2. What movie do you wish you could see deleted scenes from?

Erm . . not sure - Does "A Clockwork Orange" count? Or was the whole film deleted from general release the first time around? In which case - seen it.

3. On an ideal pizza, what would you put?

Not a big pizza fan, actually. If really pressed would opt for mozzarella cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes on my ideal base - crispy and thin.

4. You have the opportunity to travel back in time to alter something
from happening. The people who will be granting you this ability
caution only that, by altering something for the better, other
things get altered in the process. Do you take a chance and travel
to change anything?

Absolutely not. I know what happens; I've read Ray Bradbury's - A Sound of Thunder *chuckle* It's one of my all-time favourite short stories.

5. What is a favorite cd single or maxi-single that you have (or

*puts on cloth cap, feet up on chair* Young people today, they don't know they're born. In my day, there were no such things as CDs. Singles came on vinyl and you were damned lucky if you had the record player that worked at anything faster than 33rpm. We were too poor to buy singles - had to save up every penny earned on the Cinderella shift to buy the annual Beatles LP that appeared every Christmas. Only rich folk bought singles through the year.
*shakes self back to normal play* - The nearest thing I posses to a CD single is Robbie William's Angel Video CD (bought for me by MWNN to test my (then) brand-new DVD drive in the PC)

Many thanks to twilightboy for his alternate Friday 5. Re-read the Brabury - ta ever so- you're a sweetie!

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