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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Happy sunshiny day 
8th-Apr-2003 09:52 am
I'm having great difficulty dragging MWNN away from the breaking news from the War at the moment, so dog walk is seriously delayed this morning. *sulk* It's such a beautiful day again. Think I'll take a stroll into town later today to have a peek at the anglo-saxon site.

And on another cheerful note, the CDs of the next 4 eps. (FD onwards) arrived by first class post from my old home town today. Thanks to Catsyj for these - I love you to bits. (You really must get your own LJ - I can fit you up if you'd like) xxmessalinaxx - this is not a dig at you, I know you have serious issues you are dealing with at the moment.

Edited at 2pm. Finally dragged MWNN out with dogs just as the clouds started to roll in. Then went on to do some shopping and post some snail mail to meallanmouse. Drove down the street where the dig was meant to be but could see no sign. Couldn't stop because it is Market Day today and the the thought police are everywhere, ready to pounce with their little tickets waving if anyone so much as thinks about putting the car into a stationary position, let alone parking it.

Change of Music. Finally got hold of a copy of The Hollies Greatest Hits - Yay - a surprise pressie from MWNN (What does he want?) Anyone who knows about my old school understands my love of the band (local Mancunian group - OK, Stockport, but close enough). Hee - just remembered, when they first appeared on the music scene in the 60s, Sister V. threatened to sue for copyright of the name.
8th-Apr-2003 07:36 am (UTC)
By FD do you mean First Date? If so I can't believe I'm 2 episodes ahead of you!
8th-Apr-2003 08:42 am (UTC)
Yes I did mean First Date. I'm ahead of you on the spoilers but not on having got my hands on the episodes. I have also received something that was shown at a Convention in Pasadena to introduce JM. (It's apparently very funny and is called 'I touch myself' (haven't watched any of them yet.) I've just mailed you about a problem I have with the AE's LJ and a few suggestions about your job search.
8th-Apr-2003 08:43 am (UTC)
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Snail Mail!!!

:: does booty dance ::
8th-Apr-2003 09:21 am (UTC)
Calm thyself, wild child. 'tis a mere trifle to start the ball rolling. (ooh trifle, haven't had trifle in an age *rummages in cupboard* Have the makings; trifle sponges, sugar-free jelly, fresh fruit, sugar-free topping. (no custard though - ah well - all to the good, I hate custard. MWNN will complain but hey - this is my trifle)
8th-Apr-2003 11:21 am (UTC) - Re:
:: had to go eat lunch right after reading this at all the mention of food ::


:: purrs ::
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