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He's just a character on TV

A sense of proportion is required

Another entry that is War related. I woke very early this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I turned on the TV at 06.15 (British Time) and watched the amazing live scenes of US troops entering the centre of Baghdad. This was REAL people, putting their lives on the line. I have always been very uncomfortable about live coverage of war zones, ever since that terrible image of a soldier being shot in the head at point-blank range during the Vietnam War. Reflecting on this, I realised what it was that made me react so angrily at the panic that was flying on the BtVS boards on Saturday and Sunday when the
Episode 22 spoiler hit the web. - If the spoiler is true, then Spike dies to save the world
It's just a TV show. The characters are not real people. There are REAL people being killed on our TV screens every week during this present War.

rant over.

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