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Grouches and grumps

Big Brother has arrived

My new passport arrived last week which is good as we will probably head boatwards in November to make sure she's secure on her new pontoon for the winter. I was pleased to see that the passport office had added a month to the passport because the old one didn't expire until Nov 7th. What came as a surprise was the little radio transmitor on the reverse of the page bearing my photo. It seems that along with my biometric details being stored on a chip, the government can no

What happened to the good old days?

I've been experimenting with some new layouts and have to admit I'm very taken with Mixit's 'Default' and 'Nevermore'. But apart from giving us more choice with layouts, what's happened to the basics? Many on my flist have reported problems of some sort over the past couple of days.

And then there's what I used to call 'techie extras', those little things that help me keep track. Like the 'fans of....' facility that me keep an eye on who is friending and de-friending? How many of you get 'this page has been reset' when you click the link to the webpage?

It's been breeding again and there's a mound of ironing glowering at me in the utility room. Normally I'd grapple with it while watching TV but MWNN is watching 'Castaway' and I can't see the appeal.
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