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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Sunday Sept 17th - Chaumont to Frocles 
17th-Sep-2006 10:20 am
We left Chaumont early this ,morning after a fairly ordinary dinner at Le Relais de Port last night that gave MWNN a hangover. In the late afternoon, we served drinks to Bernard and Antoinette who'd shared the locks with us on the climb up to Langres - they live in Chaumont and promised us a trip to the Supermarket when we arrived. MWNN made the mistake of opening a very good bottle of Vaqueras and the best the Relais could offer was an ordinary Cotes de Rhone that triggered the hangover.

After drinks, Bernard drove MWNN to Leclerc for milk and other fresh supplies while I finished washing and drying the bed linen at the Capitainerie.

We are still ahead of schedule and ,making good progress down to Froncles along what would be a very beautiful stretch of canal if we could see it through the mist. We DID see a water rat ahead of us shortly after traversing the Condes Tunnel and had another small 'black and tan dog' moment.

The weather forecasts have proved unreliable so far so we await the promised sunshine for today with not inconsiderable scepticism.

LJ entries will continue to be posted by email until the end of the cruise so if there is any urgent news about the October minimeet, would Bogwitch please email me on my patvharris ntlworld address. Irishnoodles, if yhou see this entry, please phone the boat after 6pm today, as I have a favour of a personal nature to ask. MWNN has tried three times to phone both you and The Daughter from phone cabins but his special number is refusing to play with them.
17th-Sep-2006 12:08 pm (UTC)
Hope the sunshine does come for you, we have had a good week here, only downpour, Thursday.
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