hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Sunday 3rd September

It has taken two days to prepare the boat for the cruise north. Yesterday we washed and every item of bed linen we possess at the local launderette. Then in the afternoon we provisioned the boat for those times when shops are non-existant and 'here be dragons'. MWNN was amazed that the larder and food cupboard swallowed so many cans and packets. The only thing that didn'gt find a home was the sack of dog food which is resting on top of the bath cover 'for the time being.

MWNN has just taken the car to the garage (via the car wash). On the way back, he plans to take a shower in the Capitainerie and then we should be ready for the off. The Sapeurs and Pompiers have been practicing all morning and their siren has just gone off so he may not be able to get to the shower block as the fire engines and vans are all along the quay.

The weather looks good - we must bring it with us, it's been hot since we arrived at Pont de Vaux, after a couple of weeks of wet and windy that has left the river very high indeed,

Despite the continued practice of the Tai Chi and Chi Kung,
I've started the cruise with a heavy cold. It seems not to be settling on the chest but the last time I had one, I gave it to MWNN and it flattened him for the best part of 5 days - he's staying a boat pole's distance from me at all times until the cold clears.
Tags: cruising log, cruising log 2006

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