hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Almost missed this

Streaming live interview from DWCon 2006.

Somewhere, I'm sure there is also a video of Peter Morwood and Diane Duane dancing at the Gala Dinner, and the XXX rated film made by the Guild of Seamstresses. Keep an eye on

Chronicle Live pages for future additions to the collection.

ETA More Discworld News - The Illustrated Screenplay of the Hogfather film will be available on November 2nd. There is also a 2008 Calendar with stills taken from the film, available soon. Cast ListNews from www.funny.co.uk. Cut for lengthCollapse )

Does anyone else think that Marc Warren looks like a very young Malcolm McDowall?

I should be fininshing the unpacking/packing in preparation for going away, but the GP has buggered up my request for a double repeat prescription for the second year running. He prescribed only one lot of BP pills and attached a little note saying I was due my 'routine checkup' before he'd give me any more. I explained to the receptionist that unless she could fit me in next Tuesday, I wasn't going to be able to subject myself to said 'routine' (which I don't need as I monitor my BP myself and it's fine, so low that I'm actually dead). No appointments available next Tuesday (we go to France Wednesday morning) so the best she can offer is to "ask the duty Doctor if he will write another prescription for me today. What's the odds that it'll happen? I phone to find out in 10 minutes.

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