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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Almost missed this 
23rd-Aug-2006 05:17 pm
knitting sketch
Streaming live interview from DWCon 2006.

Somewhere, I'm sure there is also a video of Peter Morwood and Diane Duane dancing at the Gala Dinner, and the XXX rated film made by the Guild of Seamstresses. Keep an eye on

Chronicle Live pages for future additions to the collection.

ETA More Discworld News - The Illustrated Screenplay of the Hogfather film will be available on November 2nd. There is also a 2008 Calendar with stills taken from the film, available soon.
The full cast list for the Sky TV adaptation of Terry Pratchett's Hogfather has been annnounced. The story is about Death's granddaughter Susan attempting to rescue the spirit of Hogswatch (translation: Christmas) from the Auditors of Reality. It sounds odd, but trust me, it's packed full of imagination and comedy.

Not only will Pratchett himself cameo, it has been confirmed that David Jason will play the role of Death's manservant Albert. The voice of Death will be played by Ian Richardson, best known for his role in House of Cards.

The role of Susan, Death's granddaughter will be played by Michelle Dockery, who starred in Fingersmith.

Other famous faces include (deep breath):

Nigel Planer (The Young Ones, We Will Rock You) as Mr Sideney, Sinead Matthews (Pride and Prejudice) aas Violet the Tooth Fairy, Arthur White (A Touch of Frost, The Darling Buds of May) as Ernie the Cart Driver and the very lovely Tony Robinson (Blackadder, Time Team) as Vernon Crumley. Not to mention Joss Ackland as Mustrum Ridcully, the Archchanchellor of Unseen University and David Warner as Lord Downey.

Full Cast list from the IMDB

Credited cast:
Joss Ackland .... Mustrum Ridcully
Dominic Borrelli .... Grotto Hogfather
John Boswall .... The Chair of Indefinite Studies
Ed Coleman .... Ponder Stibbons
Craig Conway .... Chickenwire
David Decio .... Unseen University student wizard
Michelle Dockery .... Susan
John Franklyn-Robbins .... The Dean
Roger Frost .... Bursar
Peter Guinness .... Medium Dave
Gregor Henderson-Begg .... Pixie Helper
Geoffrey Hutchings .... Mr. Brown
David Jason .... Albert
Richard Katz .... Constable Visit

Stephen Marcus .... Banjo
Sinead Matthews .... Violet The Tooth Fairy
Maggie McCarthy .... Ma Lilywhite
Rhodri Meilir .... Bilious
Neil Pearson .... The Raven (voice)
Nigel Planer .... Mr. Sydeney

Tim Plester .... The Tooth Guard
Robert Portal .... Mr. Gaiter
Terry Pratchett .... The Toy Maker
Ian Richardson .... Death (voice)
Tony Robinson .... Vernon Crumley
Shend .... The Hogfather
Nicholas Tennant .... Corporal Nobbs

Marnix Van Den Broeke .... Death
David Warner .... Lord Downey
Marc Warren .... TeaTime
Arthur White .... Ernie The Cart Driver
Kevin Wickenden
Deborah Winckles .... Mrs. Gaiter

Does anyone else think that Marc Warren looks like a very young Malcolm McDowall?

I should be fininshing the unpacking/packing in preparation for going away, but the GP has buggered up my request for a double repeat prescription for the second year running. He prescribed only one lot of BP pills and attached a little note saying I was due my 'routine checkup' before he'd give me any more. I explained to the receptionist that unless she could fit me in next Tuesday, I wasn't going to be able to subject myself to said 'routine' (which I don't need as I monitor my BP myself and it's fine, so low that I'm actually dead). No appointments available next Tuesday (we go to France Wednesday morning) so the best she can offer is to "ask the duty Doctor if he will write another prescription for me today. What's the odds that it'll happen? I phone to find out in 10 minutes.
23rd-Aug-2006 04:40 pm (UTC)
Did you enjoy Discworld Con?

How long are you off to France for?
23rd-Aug-2006 06:42 pm (UTC)
DWCon was fabulous. I put an entry up every day and if you scroll back through them you'll find news about the Hofather film that airs on Sky 1 this Christmas.

If the weather holds and isn't pouring with rain, we'll come back around the same time as last year, early in October. I have to be back for the minimeet on the 13th.
23rd-Aug-2006 05:32 pm (UTC)
I have the video (or at least, a video) of Peter and Diane dancing, as filmed by uitlander. Obviously, Uitlander also has it, as do P&D.

We'll have to try to sort something out.
23rd-Aug-2006 06:39 pm (UTC)
There are cunning plans afoot to make it available through Chronicle Live, so I understand. As it will be time sensitive wherever it ends up, could I ask you to burn a copy on CD and snail it to me? We're off to France early next Wednesday morning and I'd hate to arrive back mid October to find it's disappeared from the web.

Have you recovered from the Con? Do thank C. again for thoughtfully placing me on table 1 at the Gala Dinner. It was lovely to have civilised conversations with people I knew.
23rd-Aug-2006 08:10 pm (UTC)
I understand your need to go all Angelus over the NHS now. Soddemall.

I almost want to get Sky so I can see this. The cast looks fabulous. But my hatred for Murdoch is very deep. (Despite the fact that he owns Fox who set up ME and let Joss play with a camera...)
23rd-Aug-2006 08:31 pm (UTC)
The DVD will be out at the beginning of March so no need to compromise your feelings for Murdock.

There was also strong indication from Terry, at the Con. that Wee Free Men will be made by Sony Pictures, and Sam Raimi will Direct.

I finally got another prescription out of the duty Doctor at about 6.15, (with another dire warning to 'book an appointment') but couldn't pick it up because MWNN had headed off to help The Daughter with her house move, taking the big estate, and I couldn't get into town in time. He will pick it up for me tomorrow and will take great delight in telling the Receptionist to book an appointment for mid-October and 'no we can't book one nearer the time because we won't be in the country. This is Doctor's orders, Dear'.
24th-Aug-2006 12:11 pm (UTC)
Sorry OT just friended you - hope that is okay?
24th-Aug-2006 09:16 pm (UTC)
Of course.
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