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Con is now in full swing and officially opened at 9pm yesterday

Didn't sleep very well last night. The newly refurbished guest rooms along my corridor have fire doors that are impossible to close quietly. Everytime I was just about to drop off BANG! - another door closed. This went on way into the wee small hours (past 2am). If I'd had my Lawyers' Guild briefing notes to hand I would've slapped a few restraining orders and disturbance of the peace notices.

Terry entertained us with a bedtime story at 10pm, from his forthcoming publication Wintersmith. A 'Newbie' Conventioner with whom breakfast was amazed to see him sitting at the next table, chatting to some young fans. bendy1, sorry there's no kerfuffles to report, DWCon Fen tend to have them behind closed doors, in the bar, or during an everything you wanted to know about swordplay workshop. My breakfast companion (a Lecturer in English from Essex) was so civilised that she took to heart my complaints about the lack of fresh fruit (apart from breakfast), she came and found me as I queued for the Kaffee Klatch and handed me a satsuma.

Terry is attending the Con wearing two different hats - metaphorical of course. He's Terry the author, but he's also Silas T Firefly, member number 666. There's not a lot of difference between the two, except don't ask Silas T for his autograph, unless you're a masochist, buy him a pint instead.

This morning I went to
A brief look at two victims Kaffee Klatch guests.

Peter Moorwood - mini profile
From Customs and Excise VAT to Sci-Fi writer, to Head of the Lawyers' Guild - not a lot of difference really. ;-)

On how two workaholics first met

At a Convention - EasterCon, 21 years ago, through Anne McCaffrey. They got engaged at the following WorldCon in Atlanta, and were even married at a Convention to allow their wedding guests to claim against their tax - how Romantic. (See, told you - see mini profile)

Diane Duane

On working from home.
I think I'll have to start going away to get some work done and have holidays at home.

On working at home and staying married.
We have separate offices and I pretend he isn't here.

On the Republic of Ireland's proposed changes to tax paid by 'artists'
We're working on it.

Peter and Diane

On the latest publication

'Die Nibelungen' (English version 'Sword of Xanten') is now out on DVD, copy of which will be entered in the Charity Auction (15.00 - 16.00, Sunday in The Dysk.)

On the Director who wanted to be a writer.

Peter to the Director of 'Die Nibelungen'. "We are the experts in Sci-Fi and that's why we're writing the screenplay. You're the expert in pointing a camera at actors and getting them to do things. Get behind the camera and put that keyboard down."
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