hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

The Con's not officially open

yet but already there are people in costume.

It's all going rather well, although I knew there was a reason I shouldn't have volunteered to do things - people expect you to know about stuff. Like 'which guild am I in? Where do I get tickets for the book signings? Why is ImBruce threatening to cut Hesadevil's head off when I gave him your message that the online Guild Membership lists haven't been updated since April?

Still, it's all great fun. And there's a wi-fi signal in The Hub, which is just outside the corridor where my room is.

She wasn't in costume then. She designed and made the costume herself for an original (her own creation) Discworld character - a member of The Seamstress Guild.

The first banner to appear what's all that Latin stuff about ? answers on a postcard.

I was disappointed no one went to breakfast in character. bendy1, there's no sign of The Luggage yet, perhaps it's lost among those 10,000 bags? And there's no fresh fruit available, except at breakfast - no apples though so I can't put one in the backpack for later.

I've just finished lunch and am having a coffee in Costa - £2.95 for a cappuccino! I asked for some fresh fruit and the manager fetched me an apple from the kitchen - on the house this time. He says he'll try to arrange for fruit to be available for sale throughout the day from now on at various places. There is cheaper coffee, tea, and sandwiches to be had for Con attendees in The Hub but no fruit there either.

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