hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

I've had my bath, I've had my nap, now it's time for fodder. But first....

Registration is already happening for those who arrived a day early. So many of us are here, it makes sense.

And they put my screen name on my badge as requested. Must admit I was a little unnerved by so many of the committee greeting me by name, or 'You're TotKat's Mum'. There was a huge hug from Donal and a promise more from 'the other Irishman' in Ops.

The hotel is unrecognisable.

The newly covered 'terrace' is now a Costa Coffee bar.

Biers has been given a modernisation that's all but destroyed its former grunginess. I miss the darkness and the hideaway corners.

More spotting of The Man in the Hat, in the reception area - (it's just not the same without Poseidon ) - both times he was sans chapeau.


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