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MWNN is on his way to Ireland

and, though his plane didn't take off on time, there was a plane this morning. We're still worried about the return flight on Wednesday. So far, Ryanair has cancelled the late flight from Dublin. As it's the night before I head for Discworld Con, I'm a little concerend for Loony GSD. I don't want to put her in kennels, even if they weren't so difficult to get to and not exactly on the way to the M1.

MWNN went to a 60th birthday party in London yesterday. Four of the men who attended have know each other since the mid 1960s. The wife of one of them asked 'Do you think you've changed much in 40 years?'

I've been updating the content on the new website and have just finished coding an article that was published in the college magasine in 1969, almost 40 years ago. Go have a look at The Subtle Revolution under Publications and see what you think.

Have I changed?

That article was written shortly after the student Revolution of 1968, and in the thick of the development of Folk Music, chronicled in the BBC's recent programme Folk Britannia. And no, bendy1, I wasn't eating the mushies at the time, I was safely cloistered with the nuns.

ETA "thedabara_cds the package arrived on Saturday. Thank you so much. I'm all caught up and saving the last episode to take to Discworld so I can watch the episode I'll miss while I'm there.

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