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The longest lunch I've ever had.

Lunch date with Frances and Paula at the National Theatre turned into a truly marathon event. Firstly, Frances remembered my inability to drink any wine except champagne. Gold star for that girl. She'd ordered a champagne lunch. Secondly, she'd also remembered my love of the river and insisted on sitting with her back to it for the whole duration. Second gold star for that girl. Finally, lunch (which began at 1pm) lasted until 5.30. Third gold star to the National Theatre restaurant staff. Not only did they serve a superb lunch at a very reasonable price (£14), they made no move to turf us out; they even served us tea at 4pm when the kitchen was officially closed.

So, basically, we set the world to rights in those 4 1/2 hours; talking about everything from the media's coverage of the war, through what constitutes a civilised society to why our old English teacher, didn't realise that The Dutchess of Malfey contained the theme of incest.

Paula went back to Waterloo tube and Frances and I set off down the Embankment to the Globe to pick up the season's programme. Took some piccies and then some more as I crossed the Millenium Bridge to St. Paul's.

Only down side to the day - I'd forgotten the Central Line was still closed and had to walk to the Thames Link Station to get connection back to Kings' Cross. I'd also forgotten until I stepped onto the platform there, to mention to </b>Birthday Girl</b> meallanmouse (Have a happy day) My platform is number 9. Hogwarts Express leaves from 9 3/4.

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