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The heat

Everyone' suffering and I had to remind myself how much easier it is to cope in a house compared to a steel narrowboat and just why we fled Burgundy almost two months ago. The temperatures there have not dropped below 30 since we left. Just down the road in Macon, a 53 year old construction worker died of heat exhaustion. It must be sheer hell.

I've yet to resize the pics of crossing the Alps between France and Italy - there arer so many of them, I can't decide which ones to upload, but just looking at them makes me a little cooler as there's still snow on them.

But I have uploaded some pics taken in the blistering heat at Pont de Vaux Marina

Pic 1Standoff between Killer Duck and Loony GSD. This duck really was a menace. It was female and seemed to have it in for all males, as a result of the gang banging she kept receiving from the drakes. She flew at MWNN as he stood on the back deck and attacked his chest. Eventually, after a long bout of who'll blink first, Loony GSD went into wolf mode and saw her off.

Pic 2 Probably the largest cicada (or grasshopper,not sure of the species) I've ever seen, perched on the parasol shading the front deck.

Pic 3 Hesadevil finally got to meet jennylyle's twin sister who was visiting from Australia. This pic was taken the evening before we retreated to the 'cooler' UK.

On a very different note, with so many Flist heading off to WriterCon in the US and those of us left behind feeling somewhat miffed - calove suggested a UK version. Who would sign up for one based in the UK? And more importantly, who could we get to organise and run it?

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