hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Qkellie's wedding Day

Sunday 18th -Father's Day.

Totkat rang to wish MWNN a happy father's day. It's not been a good one as we are packing to leave for England after taking jennylyle to the station at 7 am tomorrow. It's too hot to do anything but MWNN gallantly vacuumed and scrubbed the floor this morning, lost a filling and chunk of molar during lunch, and is busily ferrying boxes and bags to store in tha garage until tomorrow.

We're travelling very slowly, staying overnight at Dijon on Monday, San Quentin on Tuesday and Boulogne on Wednesday. I downloaded a list of Passport for Pets' friendly vets and we are keeping our fingers crossed that the one in San Quentin will be able to do the treatment and paperwork for us. We booked a high speed ferry from Boulogne instead of using the tunnel - £25 plus £15 for Loony GSD against £90 and £30 on the tunnel.

We'll be packed and on the road on Qkellie's wedding day. May it be all you've dreamed and planned, Mrs T.-to-be.
Tags: cruising log, cruising log 2006

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