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Life in the marina

is very interesting. We are slowly sorting out the damage done by the power surge to our battery management system and not rushing off up river until the wind has died down. It's a cool north westerly wind that is keeping the boat at a delightful 23 degrees in the constant sunshine we've had since the day after we arrived. It's cold at nights and, though we don't need to switch on the heating, both MWNN and I have not shed the winter pyjams just yet.

After the Italian 'month of famine' where good bread was concerned, we're enjoying the pain banette from our local baker and rediscovering the pleasure to be had from a lunch of jambon persillee, tete de vaux avec langue, coeur de laitue and still warm crusty banette.

There's a couple of newcomers among the wildlife in the marina this season - a black kite who comes and fishes in 'the pond' every afternoon, and a tail-less rook who has adapted to his disability well enough to challenge the kite for air space.

The search for batteries in Chalon proved fruitless as MWNN had left the dimensions of the battery compartment at home and didn't want to risk buying any for fear they wouldn't fit. He also clutched his wallet when he saw the prices. The cheapest was on special offer at 130 Euros, the most expensive clocked a whopping 350 Euros. I think I'd want it to make breakfast, lunch and dinner at that price. We need to replace the starter battery and the 2 'house' batteries so a quick check of the funds in the French account is necessary before any purchases.

Elodie and her crew, Jennylyle arrived back in the marina this lunchtime. They sat at Chalon for a week waiting for the cruising conditions to improve, then decided they weren't going to in time for their planned 'holiday' in Paris on 17th so returned back to base.
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